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To assist participants, I have shared my Google calendar for the A. K. Rice Institute for the Study of Social Systems (AKRI) Dialogues 2 events. Please note that I have based the calendar on event information available at this time, and that the schedule is subject to change. I have also included in this calendar, the official conference hours for the pre-dialogues group relations conference, Leadership, Learning, and Change.

The calendar incorporates the presentation descriptions from the Dialogues Overview as event notes. When displayed in the official Google Calendar web application, the calendar faithfully reproduces the color schemes contained in the official daily schedule.

Access the Calendar

The Google Calendar ID for the calendar is:

The below links provide application access to my AKRI Dialogues 2 calendar in three common formats. For instance, you can copy and paste the iCal link into any smartphone calendar application that supports the iCal format.

  • Mobile Device: iCal
  • Web Browser: HTML
  • Feed Reader: XML

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