Revised: 01/01/2022


Therapy is most effective when a trusting relationship exists between the psychologist and the client. Privacy is especially important to secure and maintain that trust. From the location of my office, my selection of an out-of-state professional assistant, the level of security in place around my electronic records, secure messaging, HIPAA-compliant email services, and redundant network firewalls to the encryption of my computer and mobile devices, and even the font size on my business cards – I have gone to great lengths to protect your privacy to the greatest extent possible. In compliance with HIPAA regulations, below is a list of my current Business Associates Agreements.

Business AssociateService ProvidedBAA
Affective Software, Inc.Gottman Connect, Relationship Checkup, and Relationship Builder
Maggie DoddVirtual Assistant Inc.Simple, Free, and Secure Telemedicine Solution.
Google LLCSecure Email and Storage
Help Scout Inc.Human-centered [Client] Support Software
JRA, Inc.Peace Officer Test Administration, Scoring, and Reporting
Lettterstream, Inc.Medical Print and Mail
NCS Pearson, Inc.Q-global Web-based Test Administration, Scoring, and Reporting
Sussex Directories Inc.Psychology Today Directory Listing
RingRx, LLCPhone Services and Cloud Communications for Healthcare Providers
SimplePractice, LLCPractice Management and Telehealth Software for Health Professionals