Cost Effective Services in Las Vegas, NV

Paying therapy & counseling fees is a significant but worthwhile investment for most. Our planet’s coronavirus pandemic, nation’s recent economic struggles, and current political climate have created financial challenges and uncertainty for virtually everyone; our Nevada communities are among the most affected. I have taken this into consideration, as well as the usual business and professional factors: Las Vegas’ general market state for therapy, the local doctoral-level services market, my own operating costs, my limited availability of open appointment times, etc. Accordingly, I have set a standard fee schedule that reflects what I believe to be fair compensation based on my education, training, expertise, and service quality.

Sliding-Scale Therapy & Counseling Fees

I do not presently offer a sliding-scale fee schedule for my therapy & counseling services. However, if you are facing severe financial hardship, and it appears that we may work well together, I am open to exploring opportunities for reducing your costs, including volunteer work for local charitable organizations or other activities of direct benefit to local communities.

Individual Therapy & Counseling Fees Schedule

My current psychotherapy, therapy, and counseling fees are subject to change (with advance notice for current clients), and are as follows:

15-minute conversation prior to making 1st appointment
90-minute, in-office Diagnostic Evaluation (1st Appointment)
60-minute, in-office or telehealth therapy session (ongoing)

Couples Therapy Fee Schedule

In working with couples, I use Gottman Method Couples Therapy, which requires a three-session assessment process before beginning the actual therapy component. The pricing is commensurate with my hourly individual therapy rates, although there is a greater upfront cost due to the extended assessment requirement to accommodate two clients.

Couples Therapy Assessment Fees

Gottman Method Couples Therapy requires a commitment to the work. All three sessions of the assessment process are required before couples therapy can begin. Payment in full for all three sessions is expected at the time of the initial appointment. It is an investment in your relationship and its future.

Usually, the assessment process requires 4.5 hours over 3-4 in-office visits. It also requires 1-3 hours of paperwork, depending on case complexity. The current price breakdown for a formal Gottman Method Couples Therapy assessment followed with regularly weekly therapy sessions is as follows:

15-minute conversation prior to making 1st appointment
90-minute, in-office or telehealth oral history of relationship (both partners present)
45-minute, in-office consultation with partner 1 alone
45-minute, in-office consultation with partner 2 alone
90-minute, in-office or telehealth case conceptualization and treatment planning
75-minute, in-office or telehealth couples therapy session (ongoing)

Therapy Payment Methods

Payment by cash, check, credit card (VISAMasterCard, American Express, and Discover) or mobile device (Apple Pay and Android Pay) is due at the time of each session. For information on using your medical / health insurance to cover any part of my therapy services, please review my Insurance page.