Professional Practice

ACE Certificate of Effectiveness

Certification of Effectiveness In recognition of clinical excellence, I have been awarded the ACE (ACORN Criteria for Effectiveness) Certification through A Collaborative Outcomes Research Network (ACORN). The ACE Certificate provides “real world” evidence that my therapy outcomes exceed the benchmarks for highly effective treatment. The evidence for my effectiveness has been independently verified through statistical …

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POST-Qualified Peace Officer Evaluation

Qualified Peace Officer Evaluator Effective 12/08/2017, I have qualified to perform psychological peace officer evaluation of police and public safety personnel in compliance with federal and state laws, regulations, and professional standards. I have met the requirements of Government Code Section 1031(f)(2) and the Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) Commission Regulation 1955 for conducting pre-employment peace officer selection …

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Ethics in Marketing of Psychologists: What’s in a Name?

Recently, the issue of potential misrepresentation of professional credentials was raised on a regional listserv; with the specific concern that using the term Clinical Psychologist in professional advertising opens up the potential liability of misrepresentation.  Today, I had occasion to speak with Daniel O. Taube, J.D., Ph.D. of The Trust. I asked him directly about this …

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