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My Website Privacy Policy is not intended, or to be interpreted, as the Client Privacy Policy for my practice of Clinical Psychology. Rather, the policy governs the manner in which I collect, use, maintain, and disclose information collected from users of the website. This website’s footer (scroll to the bottom of any page) always contains a link to my most current Website Privacy Policy.

How I Protect Your Information

My website has been designed to be as secure and unobtrusive as is feasible given my inability to perform individual security analyses on every site visitors’ personal computer and network connections. Virtually all modern websites collect non-personally identifying information from you (i.e., the type of browser you are using, your service providers’ general geographical location, etc.), simply by visiting the site. This sort of information is stored in a cookie that you may or may not accept based on your choice of web browser settings, and is used to enhance the user experience (i.e., format the layout of the website to look best given the resolution of your screen, choose an appropriate font to display, etc.), as well as to monitor site performance (e.g., how many repeat visitors are there each day, what pages do people start on, what pages do people leave the site from, etc.). However, the site itself does not collect information on who those people are other than the country in which their internet provider is located, the IP address from which the connection originated, etc.

Safeguards Compliance & Assurance

My website has been designed to collect only that information that would normally be collected in the smooth operation of a modern website, with truly personal identifying information collected only if you volunteer that information by filling out the Contact form and, even then, the information you provide is encrypted and passed through a Secure Socket Layer channel from your internet provider to mine. To evaluate the current status and quality of these specific security measures that I have taken to secure your information by viewing the Qualys SSL Labs’ SSL Report for the Site at

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