My Reno office will be closed March 8 through March 15, 2016.

Existing Therapy and Evaluation Clients

  • Remember that your appointment(s) during this period were re-scheduled at the time of your prior regular session. Telephone, SMS text message, and email reminders will be sent in accordance with your next scheduled appointment.
  • I will be unavailable by telephone for crisis contacts. In the event of a crisis during this period, please call the Crisis Call Center at (775) 784-8090.
  • In the event of a non-crisis but urgent matter, Dr. Dustin Braun has agreed to provide backup coverage while I am away.
  • Billing and scheduling issues will be addressed upon my return to the office on March 16, 2016.

New and Waitlisted Clients

  • Callbacks and requests for initial appointments will be addressed in the order received upon my return to the office on March 16, 2016.
  • There will be no cancellation appointments made or available during this period. Clients currently on the waiting list shall maintain their ordered position on the lists.

Case Managers and Third-Party Schedulers

  • I will be unavailable for disability second-opinion evaluations while away.
  • I will be unavailable for hospital consultations while away.
  • Requests for records, authorizations, and signatures will be addressed upon my return to the office.
  • Upon my return to the office, inpatient evaluation referrals will be scheduled in the order that they were received.
  • As usual, provision of my office intake packet to any referred patients will expedite the intake and evaluation process.

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